My interest in photography started when my father gave me a camera for my 16th birthday.

I took this camera with me through the Queensland College of Art where I studied my Bachelor of Photography majoring in Art Photography.

I love capturing people at their finest and that is when they are being real, emotional and caring. True moments like these occur plentifully around family celebrations and whenever kindred people come together. As a photographer it is with great pleasure that I record these moments and gestures of gentleness, kindness, joy, love. I find it really rewarding to be able to make people feel comfortable enough around me to be themselves and I believe this really shows in my photographs.

My photo sessions will really help you to relax, get into the moment and enjoy the time you are together. I help you create a moment in time where you can forget about everything else and just enjoy being together. From this space of fun, playfulness and love, we capture beautiful memories. For me family photography is about helping people be in the moment with each other, drawing out their connections and showing them how much love they have in their lives.

Your photo shoot will be a combination of portraits and playful candid interactions. Be prepared for lots of laughter, hugs and fun as together we create a little time capsule of this period in your lives.

Luisa xx


Mobile: 0411 862 631